James Rogers

Jim Rogers began playing with PCRO in 1980 and became musical director upon retirement of founder, John Bentley. Jim is a member of the Smalltimers and brings a background in classical music to interpreting Ragtime tunes. For many years, Jim played trumpet in pit orchestras for Peninsula Musical Theatre. When not ragging, Jim enjoys his role as Faculty with CalStateTEACH, California State University, Monterey Bay.



      Sue Horn  

Sue Horn has played with PCRO since 1986 when she was three years old. She has performed with numerous chamber ensembles, musical theatres and assorted orchestras in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also performs with the Smalltimers. These days Sue is pursuing jazz and indulging in mosaic arts when not tending the critters of the Flying Pig Ranch outside Martinez, California.

      Lloyd Connors  

Living a ragtime life since joining PCRO in 1982, Lloyd Connors adds to the quirky-quotient of the group by owning horses, dogs, and cockatoos. When not attending to the animals at his private zoo, Lloyd teaches high school math and physics in San Francisco. He also performs with the Smalltimers, a ragtime wind quintet, and the California Pops Orchestra.

      Helen Burns  

Helen Burns graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto in both voice and piano. She has performed in supper clubs, hotels, radio, TV, numerous leads in musical theatre, and as a vocalist with PCRO for over 20 years.

Helen sings with Heart & Soul, a choral group of the Peninsula Musical Arts Association. Some of their highlights have been singing at the White House, performing Haydn's "Creation" with the Dallas Symphony, the National Anthem at AT&T Park, Carnegie Hall, and Disney Hall Performing Arts Centre.


Ed Hattyar joined PCRO in 2000, after many years of persuasion by Sue Horn. He is glad that she succeeded in persuading him. Ed has music degrees from S.F. State University and the University of Oregon. He also plays viola in the Peninsula Symphony and the Jasper String Quartet (named after the second violinist’s dog, Jasper). By day, Ed is a database consultant for Peninsula Family Service.


      Mike Hart  

Michael Hart has played with PCRO since 1980. He plays with the Smalltimers and is a regular with community orchestras and bands. Loving traditional jazz and blues, he subs with several groups in the Bay Area. Now retired, he’s looking for new musical opportunities in a rock and roll band. When not playing his tuba, he enjoys getting together with friends, gardening, working on his old cars, and long distance rail trips with his wife Edna.

      jack gerken  

Jack Gerken joined PCRO in 1984. He is the leader of the Toot Sweet Traditional Jazz Band and co-leader of Swing Shift (swing and popular music). He is a member of the Smalltimers, Peninsula Pops Orchestra, Ron Gariffo Modern Jazz Octet, Alcatraz Angels, and the San Mateo Elks Club Concert Band.
Jack retired from airport management consulting in 1995. He has lots of time to arrange, compose and play music. He once sang at Carnegie Hall along with the rest of his high school a cappella choir.



Adam Roderi

Adam Roderick, drums. On the recently recorded jazz piano album, “Does a Bear Scat in the Woods,” Rich Owens praises Adam in his bio.

“He is a natural. He’s never had an actual drum lesson in his life. His instincts are right-on. When on stage, there is no greater satisfaction than hearing a fellow performer “digging” and playing off of what you are giving them. This is what I sense when I play with Adam. We develop great dialogues. This type of music is ultimately an ear-heart thing rather than an eye-brain thing. Adam knows this. He listens, feels, anticipates, and plays with passion. Adam knows what I’m going to do before I do. It is a scary, awesome, and wonderful thing.”


Ozzie had his world premiere with the PCRO in October 2010, and he was received with acclaim (a clam?). Although he enjoys immensely playing piano, he has to pay the bills by being a master teacher and head of the physics department at San Francisco University High School. In fact, while passing a practice room there, Lloyd heard glorious classical music emanating therefrom. He asked Ozzie, “Hey there, have you ever tried Ragtime?” The rest is history. Groupies be warned: Ozzie is happily married and lives in Oakland.

  Philip Groody

Philip Groody has played with PCRO since 2007. He is an amateur classical chamber musician, primarily playing string quartets and piano trios with various friends in the Bay Area.
Philip was one of the founding members of The Chrysanthemum Ragtime Band. Much of the Mum’s extensive music library has found a new home with PCRO.
Philip has just retired from his most recent, storied gig as an exterminator. Woo hoo!